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Originally Posted by CharlieFarlie View Post
The message comes up saying I have been banned for interfering with a sales thread... No other explanation and I can't ask cos I can't log on being banned of course .
To be honest I can't see what the problem is or was as all I did was ask for a price for the gun without the kit.. I then said as its being sold only as a package I would withdraw so other potential buyers could see I wad out..
I hardly ever gon in that forum anyway so no other reason to van me .. For what it's worth I couldn't really care about the ban but am curious as to what I did wrong...
This is in the rules for all to see. Sales threads may only be bumped to the top once a day it is to stop friends of the seller posting on it all the time to give everyone a fair chance. I seriously sought your ban will last long it should tell you when you attempt to log in. I have been a member for a while now and only been told off once
I think there is a section on the BBS home page where you can contact the admin team. Hope this helps. Hal
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