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Default Set for 50 yards and fire

Gp 5 Bisley 2013

Good rpep sat morning at tondu saw some excellent kneeling and standing practise in high winds.
Not quite so good then as saturday evening turned to a waiting to be picked up fiasco, complete with Kebab and pork scratchings.
Not the best preperatins for a Gp shoot!

5 am start with arms dealer picking me up in his new tank, from where we picked up the Snake skin shredding Gadget.

We arrived much later at bisley than had been planned, instead of 8am it was 8.35.
As such we only had about 5 mins on the zero range once booked in etc.
Not enough time for the eyes to become accustomed to the scope, which proved costly early on.

There seemed to be some sort of cock up in booking in as Both Arms dealer and Gadget had no shooter cards written out, thoiugh I have confoirmation of Booking.
Thus, i found myslef on lane 1a with my Good friend Woody, plus Arms Dealer, Gadget and three others!
With three on lane 1, then another 3 (1a) Woody and I became a sort of 1B with Gadget and Arms dealer 1 c behind us.
A few whistles had gone off and stopped play well before i arrived at gate 1 and unfortunatley that set the tone slightly early on, there were about 10 or so whistles in the a.m. session.
Unlike Gp4 I managed to avoid them however upsetting my rythem.

Missed t3, ranged it 47m But decided my eyes were a better rangefinding tool and set 49m! Inside 9 edge for L - R wind to see pellet strike 1 oclock. Should have gone with scope!

Missed T9. Range found it 40m fisrt time but 42 second, eye still not in? Went with 42, gave inside edge to hit 1 again!

Missed T18. 40m. Thing is thee was Grass at about 20m and i am sure the pellet took a diversion off this as there was no wind to speak of, inside 9 should have taken it easily.
Pellet went off on a mystery trip, hit the plate somewhere but no where near where it should which is where I was looking between 9 - 3 edge!
Not happy with that lane.

T21 was a reducer, with el Capitano taking pics, Bugger. 30m reducer, as nearly all were Inside 9 but iether was pulled low or onto plate at 9 edge. Either way Bad shot

Put in a run before T49, last lane. Good shot, think i made it 42m. Inseide 3 as course had turned, wind light but I think a touch of nerves / tiredness got into the shot and I pulled it right onto 3 edge. Bad shot.

With John Chopping putting in a 47, Woody and I finished on 45 and joint 2nd. Calps matched that in the pm session and beat Woody in the shoot off for 3rd, El capitano having put in a 46 for runner up.
Arms dealer had a mare and retired after 20 or shots, pellets flying everywhere which i think is dirty barrel as he has not cleaned,
Gadget put in an excellent 39.

I was not fussed on the course, faily straight line aprt from the last 4 ish lanes which turned slightly.
15 ml were long at 22m and 17 ish m, I just used my time to wait for a lull in the wind to shoot these

Not sure how many 25ml kills there were, I would have thaught 8 -10. All but one were 30m - 32m and definatley had one 25ml ml at 35m!
Woody range found it at 38 yards too with his March. Hit it on 35m Setting!

Some of the targets up trees, including some 25ml were swaying in the strong "high" winds which gave you moving targets and together with the grass i hit Arms dealer hit a twig in the next lane, only for the shooters behind us to call in a marshall who then snapped the twig! Think that was the final straw for arms dealer.
Too many simular targets for me, mostly 50, 47 or 45m. Very long course and no need to think about the shots on the whole.
Couple of the high tree shots looked good but were no challenge.
I did not come out of kill today

Happy to hit all 6 standers, think there were 40m, 17m, 35m, 22, 30 + 20+ . Good mix, great level shooting positions and the same for kneelers on that which was aplus point.

Enjoyed the day in company and banter, although i thaught the course was not particuarly hard, just too long I felt i shot well as I nearly lost the will at around lane 12 but dug the heels in and carried on.

Woodys new Gc stock for his walther, very nice

Jack, aka strokebloke in his first gp.

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