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I have had seven 80's and two 10-60, all far better than PM2's optically.
PM2's look like your looking at wrong target, lack of resolution, grainy and that muted hazey look, that's the difference. You wont need a sunshade either.

IR adds 45 gr to weight
When your paying that sort of dosh, whats another few hundred quid. Did try my first 80 in normal lighting, I had the low intensity which needed full whack to see, ample. However I did find it helped sub consciously rather than full on concentration on ret and aim point.

UK customer service is outstanding, Falcon come a close second. Many times Gary went way beyond call of duty, the limiting factor the US arm and Deon.

Rets MTR1 easier to get rid of after, the F class boys will snap it up. Spacings are useless for FT and serve no purpose. From memory you can get close on 8 dots in full size kill at 50 yards. Who in right mind is gonna start counting the dots to aim off and keep concentration whilst aiming off - pointless. You will also run out of windage dots with MTR's aiming off at 50 mag around 8mph wind.
The Diplex probably the best ret and cheaper, I will be sending my 10-60 back for one from the 1/8" dot which is far finer than MTR and only loose ret on about 20 targets a year.

Theres no such thing as perfect scope they all have a weakness.
80's though not heavy at 800gr, 845gr for IR, latest Niko 1050gr as comparison. They do feel top heavy even when coming from a heavier scope, so if used to a BSA/Niko you wont notice much dofference when theyre pushed forward 1" to get 4" eye relief.
10-60 have it on shear resolution and weight at 730gr. If you like the Comp Series you wont find any difference worth mentioning but with added zoom and far higher mag. Mine comes down to 7 1/2 yards on 60 mag like most 80's.

To cap the 80 is the ultimate rangefinder whereas the 10-60 makes up for it with weight and overall usability.
80's easier to use and less fiddly on eye relief, just use them up to 60 mag for nowadays courses.
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