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Originally Posted by batfink View Post
An absolutely cracking shoot as ever, so thanks Kibby. Wonderfully challenging course, especially with those blooming wind pixies, we really need to find a way to curb their enthusiasm.
Congrats to Vanty with that stonking 54 and to Rogb for finally breaking his year-long duck with unsupported standers; he annihilated that moose on his 2nd peg and couldn't stop grinning for the next 28.
Thanks Ann, it was great to finally get past the stander "wall". I would probably add it was more likely a wind-assisted splitter than any great marksmanship on my part but hey, it went over.
Thanks to Kibby for a great course, apart from the "black hole of Calcutta" reducer that is

Thanks also to Kev G for good company and shooting and to Hartnesses for the lift Cheers!
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