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You sure it was optics or was the much wider field of view on the S&B deceiving your eye. I've looked at a black crow target in a dark spot at 55yrds side by side with March and PM2 both on x50, it was only with the March you could see that the target was yellow underneath the black paint, it was coming through the chips from the misses on the face plate.

Anyway rangefinding ability will hit you more targets than a bright image ever will. PM2 is a nice scope but IMO inferior to the Deon offerings.

Put it this way, I set my MarchX up and never touch it. Rangefinding settings are the same winter and summer, rangefinding is simple and consistent all year round. I have never had an issue in the UK with temp shift! It has only ever moved once and that was when I baked it in Spain in direct sunlight at over 30 degrees C air temp, the scope temperature was in excess of 40 degrees!

Anyway back on track, this is a March thread about reticles and my unbiased opinion is to use my FT reticle designed specifically for FT!
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