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Originally Posted by springer34 View Post
So do U think the 80x is better I've been told pm2 is better though and the 60x is better than the 80x?
I can only say on what has been said to myself in the past. The 10-60 seems to struggle in temp. Ask robf on here.. He did ask me about a lane of targets in Newbury at the start of the year. It seemed as though his scope struggled. Mine was spot on on the lane...

It's personal choice..

Put it this way, no scope is perfect but damn the March x is close..

No other scope does what it can do. Mine on 80 mag will focus down to about 7.5-7.6 yards clear..

I know the 60 mag march can't do that and I'm pretty sure the pm2 can't.

What you get told by other people isn't as good until you try the scopes yourself.

If your happy with your pm2's why are you interested in changing..? I mean going from 50 to 60 mag isn't going to make much difference...?

I am never going to sell my march and won't use anything else...

Mark Bassett

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