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Default Wanted, Falcon T35

Wednesday was an unusuall test day at tondu, as the Sun was out and it was warm!

Still, exactly, still was the air. Least very nearly. Slight breeze with a gust now and then but good set up day.

Just as well as a recently purchased, on behalf of a club member, Falcon T35 was sat on the Devils Rig mounted in no 1 stock, ready to do a pellet test.

Falcon t35 first. Thin cross hair, same as my no 27 luep but no mil dots. I could live with out them.
I set up ranges at 50,45,40, 35, 30, 20 & 10m.
time and time again it snapped in on my green dots. Very impressed and left wondering why i ever sold mine.

Word of Warning to the Mr.Sheen, if you decide to sell that scope, i have first refusal!!!

Anyway, first up was AA pellets. Groups at 40m and 50 m.
Follwed by all my Jsb.

Turns out AA and Die 8 were favs, going exactly where pointed. I cant say top grouping as the trigger is set up very badly, a remnant of Derks ownership and at times I had not a clue at which point it would let a pellet go! Usually it meant a high shot, top of kill! That could be reg creep though!
Still, when concentrating it was pellet on pellet, though i noticed the wind catching the odd pellet and pushing Left half a kill.
I suppose really all the batches were very good in it. The result is at least the barrel is staying with me and will be fitted with an Ostler Air stripper.
Plan A is then to switch Mega barrel on the REV for the winter and test?

The action will be sent i think to Mr.O on the weekend, see what he makes of it and if its usable then maybe it will be sold on as a complete action?
If not, it will be sold off as parts?
Just got to work out what it owes me and what they worth?

Post testing and setting up, well Mr.Sheen was there all night setting up lol, Priest was braught out to play now that the very nice and build anything Arms Dealer has modded my GC palm shelf.
I felt on both stocks ithe palm shelf is a bit too narrow. So I have had a 10ml spacer fitted and it worksd a treat. Just got to have no 1 stock done now!
Gun is so comfy now in sitting postion I was holding the cross hair on a pellet mark at 50m! That might had have had something to dowith a day of fasting though as Blood tests were due thursday so i actually went 24 hours on water only no food!
Did a bit of groupig and as expected, no wind

Day off saturday which is rare in the summer so sod the Lions, I am off practising redy for Bisley. Arms dealer has baught a new TANK so we are going in that sunday which again is nice to have a break from driving.
Had the sportage 1 year this week and clocked 18000+ miles, which when you consider my usuall 40 days a year work only takes me about 50 miles each time, shows some Ft milage clocked up in it!
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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