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This is an obvious problem, you are experiencing some thing called crossover, which means your barrel is not pointing in the same direction as your scope.

you have not been able to see that your shot is going the opposite way at below 10 - 25m, because you have obviously zeroed your scope at such a close range, and the difference ( shot going to the left ) would be hardly noticable except to a well trained eye.

your Barrel could be out of line, or

you will either have to re-mount your scope ( alternating the mounts front to back ) to see if that fixes it, or you can pack them.

But if it were me, i would just buy a set of sportsmatch Fully Adjustable mounts, and start from scratch setting up your equipment.

Hope this has helped.

(give us a shout if you intend to get the new mounts, and i'll let you know what to do next)

Dave Schofield
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