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Lightbulb Rangefinding

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Many a good shot has come unstuck at sywell.....A tough place to practice...
This morning, at Sywell, Chris very kindly and very patiently, helped me to set up a knockdown target and some paper ones too ~ then went through the process of accurately defining range with the objective bell of my AO Nikko scope. He explained about magnification and suggested several settings which would work well on my scope, then allowed me to range find and litter my scope with small white sticky labels with the correct range positions marked in ink upon them. I can't believe how far out the manufacturers marks are
(the actual 35yds is well past the 50yd dot on the bell)

Whilst he sat and repeatedly rang the bell target at 55 yds.

Thank you Chris, once more. And I'm only relieved that you will not be at Bisley this weekend. BTW, I've ordered a Rowan single shot loader
Though I'm sure that everyone else will comprehensively splatter me anyway.
But now I look like a pro.
Because my scope has more little white stickers on it, than a geriatric after a shave with an open razor.
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