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Default pay and play

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Is there an entry limit? Or as its a BFTA shoot and We (bfta) dont turn entrys away, could it potentially be quite a large entry, if more from the Euro countries attend ?

Added to the Gamefair it makes a good shooting weekend for visiters I am sure,
150 entry limit,we may have to change this for 2014
You could just turn up on the morning,but you would have to pay your own entry fee to the game fair,then thirty quid on top i guess
It's a pre pay comp so ticket's for entrance can be handed out in advance.
I may be wrong but the talk of NZ is that it's a case of what's affordable,the euro's may end up picking up the poorper's.
The euro's only get's a few european shooter's attend from spain,italy and this year there is an entrant from belgium,maybe next year we'll have to get a few more phrase book's
We'll give the translater job to cedric,teach them some block cuntray
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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