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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Question young Robert, if the EFTA decides not to enter a team does that mean English shooters are not allowed to attend the World Field Target Championships. If the WFTA decided the English cannot enter then it would not be a legimate copmetition surely, just a thought that this might do away with the current dictatorship of saying who can and who cannot go ending the cock ups of loads of empty spaces.
If the EFTA decides not to enter a team then they wouldn't prevent individual shooters attending, and in the case of limited places would probably handle their entry anyway. In the case of unlimited places we would handle the entries anyway, just for ease of the organisers. From the ones i've dealt with they prefer it that way.

I can't see a scenario where the WFTF would decide the EFTA cannot send shooters, or any reason why they would or indeed could prevent them from attending. The WFTF is open to all member countries as defined by the constitution.

The only scenario I can see for the EFTA not sending a team, would be is if it wasn't complete, or felt that it wasn't representative of the EFTA's attempt on the team title. Essentially that would mean for that year EFTA not defending it's currently held title. But in that case I cannot see a reason why EFTA shooters would be prevented to participate on an individual basis.

As far as i'm concerned it's open to all, and will look to maintain that as much as it's practically possible. As you know the main problem is how many shooters can fit onto a course, and how much demand there is. Once Germany is done then there will be clear evidence of what is possible, and then ideas can be thought of as to how to balance each country's demands with that of the host nation's and the event's capacity, alongside keeping it open, and providing the best competition. Those elements aren't entirely mutually exclusive, but they do present problems which may need to be solved.

Come another European based host nation we'll have all the fun of the fair again... but perhaps then many more countries will be aware of the issues that the EFTA have forseen and raised.
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