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Originally Posted by springer34 View Post
NJR 100 thank you for the adult response that I wanted when I put this post up, it wasn't that I am going in 2014 I just wanted to know if I could if im still shooting that is, I know im not at that kind of level yet need to work on my rubbish standing shots first and nerves, it would be good just to have the option if funds available to go .
The Official EFTA answer is... (as the EFTA is in charge of the English representation at the WFTF worlds)

The Euro's at the Midland Game Fair this year will be the qualification for next years worlds (so 2013 euros for 2014 worlds) for the team and any further places as we are awarded them. Unless there is a proposal to the EFTA to change that, that's what will stand year after year, each Euros will decide the ranking from which the team and extra places will be awarded.
The qualification procedure beforehand has been a little ad hoc as we've had to adapt to changes made by the hosts at short notice.

The need for qualification for the team will always be present assuming we always send a team. The qualification for further places will depend on if there is restricted/limited entry due to the demand on the event.

For Germany and Norway there were limited places due to the demand on the event, so each person attending had to qualify for a place outside of the team. Also Germany placed emphasis on the teams getting priority first. For Italy and Hungary we were able to secure places to meet our interest, so the only qualification needed was for the team places.

For NZ we don't know the entry system yet. After that year we don't know who is hosting. The matter of how places are to be handled, at events where there is more demand than places, is being discussed at the WFTF level but it will probably wait until Germany is completed to see if their solution for getting 300 shooters on 3 courses works.

In the event that the places are limited to just team numbers, but the EFTA has requests for Juniors, Seniors, Ladies and Springer shooters to be sent, we have a draft proposal for a weighting system to sort that out on standby for discussion by the reps. But by the level of shooting displayed by shooters in those categories at the moment, apart from Springer shooters, it's looking like there would be no bias to those other categories as Junior, Senior and Lady shooters at the worlds are strong enough to be compared directly to Male adult shooters and to be included in a PCP team.

I'd encourage anyone wanting to go or interested to shoot the qualification match as you never know what opportunities may lay ahead. The standard of shooters in the team is normally quite high, but we have taken shooters in lower grades along before in the additional places, and if places aren't limited then that will continue to be the case, so I think it's definitely worth getting your name in the hat.

So have a go, don't feel like you have to be up to a certain standard because that may not be the case to attend. It's a great experience, and many like to go just because of that rather than being concerned where they finish.

I hope that goes some way to answering your question. But if you want any info at all, either contact your local rep, or me directly and I can chat over it. There's an EFTA forum on the BFTA forum at should you wish to raise something there rather than here.

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