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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
No cannot confirm. It is "highly likely" a separate target format will be employed to allow USFT, Australian, NZ, and others to get back into being involved with WFTF.
Good to hear consideration for the main format but what do you mean get back involved? The US are sending more shooters to a 12 ft-lb match than I think they have done for a long long time for any power level and they have stated if they host a worlds it will be 12. Australia only joined the wtft a couple of years ago. And the nz scene seems to be a national secret.
Perhaps its time the wtft surveyed its members to see what their ft shooters at national level are comprised of. The bfta publishes its grading list with last shoot dates and the type (regional/national) so I should think if it can be done for 1-2000 shooters it can be done for countries with less.

I think if you want to ask for deposits then just publish some details then go for it. Think its a good idea. Stick a few details up like dates and some idea of rules/format

If I'm anything to do with the EFTA offering there is a good likelyhood countries will have to pay for all their shooters entries 12-18 months ahead. The idea that we have a package published 2-3 years ahead. That's because we don't want to have the hassle that Norway and Germany have had with demand not being taken up. And because we may have to change the format to match demand. If countries don't take up the places the the uk will.
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