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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Now then sprout top !
Could you please answer the following in a Yes or No style not shuffling around the question like a politician.

So is that two separate courses ? One for WFTF limit ? One for the Mickey Mouse side shoot ?
No Mickey Mouse involved. Slightly insulting much?

Or will everyone be shooting the same course at the same time but scored into different formats ?

Now I may have got this wrong but ...................................

From what your saying the targets (potentially Gamo) will be modified ? you state thicker ? So I may be way off the mark here but surely thicker plates mean heavier face plates ? the paddle thickness will also have to be thicker as you will be shooting FAC limit cannon fodder at them ? Correct ?So again heavier ?
So if the targets / plates / paddles are thicker / heavier as I would understand it at 55 yards a standard sub 12ftlb cannon will struggle to knock the target over ? So this is what ? False hit ? or faulty target ?

Any parts replaced will use Core-10, but not thicker or heavier for 12 ft/lbs targets. Targets used for HP may use modified heavier faceplates.

Given this unprecedented requirement for confirmed/detailed everything a year and a half out from competition, perhaps we should also review our book in procedures and get UK entrants to stump up entrance fees a year and a half early. Just to cover the sledging.
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