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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
No cannot confirm. It is "highly likely" a separate target format will be employed to allow USFT, Australian, NZ, and others to get back into being involved with WFTF.

It is unconfirmed but "Very likely" Gamo targets will be the majority of the targets, but they will not be standard off the shelf product. Faceplates "may" be substantially different to original, namely thickness, design and KZ sizes. Mechanisms will be modified for 12 ft/'lbs use so no "false hits" or hits failing to register will be encountered.
Now then sprout top !
Could you please answer the following in a Yes or No style not shuffling around the question like a politician.

So is that two separate courses ? One for WFTF limit ? One for the Mickey Mouse side shoot ?

Or will everyone be shooting the same course at the same time but scored into different formats ?

Now I may have got this wrong but ...................................

From what your saying the targets (potentially Gamo) will be modified ? you state thicker ? So I may be way off the mark here but surely thicker plates mean heavier face plates ? the paddle thickness will also have to be thicker as you will be shooting FAC limit cannon fodder at them ? Correct ?So again heavier ?
So if the targets / plates / paddles are thicker / heavier as I would understand it at 55 yards a standard sub 12ftlb cannon will struggle to knock the target over ? So this is what ? False hit ? or faulty target ?

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