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Originally Posted by elk hunter View Post
Good morning to all my name is Andrew and have only recently got back into air rifles after 20 years shooting large Calibres. I do a lot of shooting game as part of my living. Aiir rifle shooting is purely for fun on targets. I've never been to a FT course in or around may area. But I do have my own rang of 50 knock down auto reset targets in a fiends field.
Go and play a couple of times a week. Own a BSA R10 and getting good results with it. Looking forward to joining in.

The hardest part about coming from full bore to FT air rifle is windage . if you think that you were shooting at 500 yards with your 308 , then the windage would be about the same as 55 yards with your 177 FT rifle / HOLLY
PS But you will have a damm sight bigger Scope in FT .
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