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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Springers under 12 dont need licenses correct Adam?
The first step will be gaining approval to enter NZ with a Firearm (through NZ Police website for PCP's)......
Keep watching as we have even more legislation in the works, any airgun may require an import permit. Not fully clear as yet, but not as onerous as for PCP's. More PC BS from the UN.

The positive in all this is that the Worlds are a legitimate reason for being granted this paperwork, and not a terrorist or smuggling activity, which is the justification for the alignment with the UN protocols. People bring in all manner of firearms and weaponry on a daily basis, so a pellet gun won't present a barrier. The trick is the "justification" or "good and sufficient reason" for bringing it in. Tourists and sportsmen do it regularly, as long as they do not have a criminal record.

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