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Just to keep this thread boiling for those saying they aren't coming.

Post FT Worlds Germany 2013 we will announce the confirmed date and place of FT Worlds NZ 2014.

The first step will be gaining approval to enter NZ with a Firearm (through NZ Police website for PCP's) and that only has a 12 Month validity.Next step once that is gained, is to register interest in attendance. There will be no point proceeding further if due to criminal history or any other reason, approval to enter NZ with a firearm is not gained. This is done independant of NZAFTA, and we have no control, influence or responsibility for this step required.

Once registered, payment can be made up until the last day for payment, which will be the final confirmation date. The last day for payment will be approx 3 Months before the event. Late entries may be accepted, but there may be special conditions, and there will still be the requirement to hold a Vistor's Firearm import Licence/Permit.

Arrange travel/bookings through your own agent.

Accommodation and catering can either be arranged through us, or through your own means/method/agent. Accommodation has been arranged on a very cheap basis, will be bunk/lodge/share basis for very very little cost to try to mitigate the higher travel costs faced by entrants. My own, and other Kiwis' experiences of going to an FT Worlds event left us feeling a bit out on our own in a strange land with little cash or backup should anything go wrong (travel insurance notwithstanding). We aim to have a safety net in place so no individual gets here and cannot eat/sleep/compete/enjoy for some reason.

Teams registration will follow the procedure dictated by the WFTF convention of informing us the day before the match, as it is after all an all-comers event. Places (as pointed out) will not be restricted and therefore team/RGB places should not be an issue for those actually wanting to attend.

For now, the ONLY timing details that are officially released are the approximate dates of the second week in September 2014, and the location being Wellington (Capital City).

No misinformation, unconfirmed dates or other coloured animal comparisons should be taken as truth until Official announcements have been posted.

NZ Worlds 2014 Committee/Convenor
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