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Yes... hitting targets 9 and 10 out of sequence was a real bummer on my home ground,I have to say that I wasn't really on the ball with other things in my mind but that's no excuse,how many times have I done that this year...!!!!

The weather was 100% better than I expected but I did notice that it got slightly worse as I left the playing field.

A big thank you to all those who turned up,it looked as though it was a really good turnout which was great considering the forecast we were given.

I'm unaware at present what the whistle was for so I can only appolagise if it was a maintenance issue.I hope it didn't cause anyone to much of a problem.

A big thanks to Jeremy for partnering me on the day,I personally had to get off early as I had other arrangements so sorry I wasn't much of a host.

See you all soon
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