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Originally Posted by holly View Post
There's a saying in FT . only listen to those who can do it , ENJOY it mate ??? HOLLY
Thats Holly out then lol

My advise, dont practise on your own, or as holly says with those that cant do it, so thats Holly out again.
Try and get someone good (Top A or AA class) to sit down with you on a zero range and go through set up and technique with you. If for example you cant group under 40ml at 55 yards but they can with Your gun, its your technique that needs work. If they cant do it its probably something in the set up, usually wrong pellets!

Holly route
1/ get the best scope you can afford 2/ get a good quality shooting jacket 3/ get a good shooting glove 4/ find the best pellet for your rifle and buy as many as you can afford 5/ Don't listen to the Pieman 6/ just ENJOY it mate ?

1 buy the best pellet for your Barrel, then buy all of that batch you can afford
2/ good scope (Just picked up a T35 @ 200 for a new Tondu member, top scope for the money)
3/ shooting jacket
4 Big Seat
5 Glove

Top off with practice at least once a week and enjoy it.
Make you practice realistic. I always tell my new club members to only practise on what your going to shoot in comps.
I have seen countlesss times new shooters trying to hit a standing shot at 45+ yards, when we dont shoot them in comps and indeed over 35 is not that common. They get in a comp and then miss the 20 yard stander!
If practicing grouping pn Card or paper, aim to get all pellets inside 15 ml up to 25 yards, inside 25ml up to 35 yards and inside 40ml at up to 55 yards. Thats the target size you shooting and their max ranges in comps.
Your groups may be spread at first, but with help they will shrink.

Now, how are we going to reconise you Sunday at Bisley?
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