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Kiltys bags are spot on . they are oversized insomuch as you will not fall off the edge as in some . they look good and are VERY strong ( like me ) . with an internal mesh bag and ventilation holes in so even if a large gent like Pieman ( very ) sits on em hard , they will not split . i have and still use the prototype that barry had made and still good . remember that you can only fill em to a depth where they wil go between a gap of 4 inches . which is good cos otherwise you would fall off em . when you get to a lane ( right handed ) whack the bag on your knee to bring most of the beans to the back . this gives your back the most support when you sit down and site the bag so as it is pointing at 45 degrees away from the target so as the rifle is supported on your left knee , pointing at the target ready to go . good tip here is to before shooting , put your rifle on the bag . step up to the line , pick up the strings , identify the targets in order you will shoot em . pull tight the strings and flick em up in the air to see any wind . remember standing you will feel wind in a wood that you won't sitting down . bisley will test your scope , cos it can be quite dark and the wind there is a bit sneaky beaky ??? HOLLY
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