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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Following a wonderful day shooting springers yesterday, it was back to Sywell this morning, to put in some more practice with the Mk3. It was a Summer Comp round today, so I just slotted into the course where there were lanes free. And vacated quickly when folks turned up to shoot them.
I wouldn't, at this stage, say that I'm improving. but I am becoming more familiar with the Mk3, in terms of what I can expect, and what I can achieve.
On Wednesday I am going to return to Sywell and accurately mark up the adjustable parallax bell of my scope relative to the established range marker posts, to enashooters who have only been shooting me to range find accurately.

Then, later in the morning, Incognoto(?) from this Forum will arrive with his friend and I will check my hold-overs with the new range marks on my scope.

What I find quite remarkable about this learning process is that so many people I have met are helpful, encouraging and genuinely willing to offer advice, in a friendly manner, for apparently no other reason than that they appear to find satisfaction from helping a novice to improve. It is immensely refreshing.
And I'm indebted to everyone who has helped me so far.
Whether Simon & Holly will be quite so enthusiastic, after Saturday at Bisley, remains to be seen.
But I will remain grateful to them for taking me round the course.

There's a saying in FT . only listen to those who can do it , not to those who just talk it ? you will find that people who have been in the game for just a few weeks , will freely give you advice . listen to who you like , no problem . try it , then if you like it , modify to your needs . Best advice i received was , 1/ get the best scope you can afford 2/ get a good quality shooting jacket 3/ get a good shooting glove 4/ find the best pellet for your rifle and buy as many as you can afford 5/ Don't listen to the Pieman 6/ just ENJOY it mate ??? HOLLY
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