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Default South Devon FTC 2013

First visit to South Devon today and came away quite impressed.

Thanks to Rich and his expert late night directions, I had forgotten all the helpful ones sent in the week I managed to find the somewhat idyllic setting

Having started Saturday at 6am, driving to Birmingham for the Bfta Summer meeting, called summer because summer there, some are off pellet testing lol.
Anyway, 9.30- 5.30 waffling and buying Falcon T35 scopes, then a 3+ half hour drive to Torbay arriving 9pm and being fasto (and fatso lol) by 10-pm, which is unheard of for me.
Great nights sleep, least until 7am which left me somewhat knackered on the course, too much sleep?

Took the penthouse zero apartment as it was a bit more level for the shorter range cards.

Arms dealer is looking to make me up a spacer for the Palm shelf on no 2 stock, so it + Priest are out of action until Wednesday

That meant REV slotted into no 1 stock plus no 1 Leup and die 36 were on call today.

All was fine so partnered up with Gerry and his Tm1000 we headed North, in that everything on the course was straight up.
I can only think of the Italian Worlds course to beat this for steepness in both walk and some case targets.

T 1 was 40m, no sign of wind so down the middle. Smack on.

Swung round to face T2 which came in 37m away and up high to right of T1.
Nice and steady, cross hair in the centre = dink.
There were a few misses low alnong 6 edge and as I did not see my miss presumed it went there? Local knowlage tells me the target is about 40 yards so range finding should have been ok? Not really sure, dont think it was that steep that needed to aim low? However, once the shoot was over i did re-do the five misses including this. On the way down i made it 35m, cross hair in middle and hit it 3 times in a row no probs!

Nailed a few until first standing lane. Have to say was impressed with the shooting positions which on the whole were nice and flat, slabs for the standers = Top job.
So rock steady on the first stander T11, a no prisoners 35m. In kill, should fire, move out dont fire, did someone think fire said finger and did.
Bad shot

T16 next. Did not really think too much about this first time. Range finder said 50m and looked every bit of it long way up the banks on the oppasite side of the zero range valley. Got a bit Wobbly on it and instead of getting comfy faffed the shot.
Bad shot?
Re-shot it post shoot, diled 50m but cross hair bottom 6 edge. Three from three!

was the costly one today. duff pellet
Can only assume i put a bent / duff pellet in as at 40m, rock solid and no wind it was about as gimmie as you could want today. Pellet landed half inch below 6 and about a full kill out from centre, so basically about an inch off 7 /8 edge. I actually saw the pellet in flight and it looked as drunk as Tosh at the Iners
Re-shot post shoot and no probs 3 ex 3.

T31 was at 45m. Now poor old Gerry had hit 7 ex 8 on first line then something like 5 ex 24 with alot of shots going low. I told him to add 2.5y to his clicks and it seemed to start working for him after a poor strtch.
for some reason, i decided i too would add 2.5m on this target when i had not really needed to for the other 30 shots.
Inside 9 edge, pellet strike 10 edge. Dead straight and about 2 clicks high lol.
Pilot error

So five down and somewhat peed off with poor shooting really at times. I worked hard on the other standers, 27m, 35m and 30m, plus the loads of 12.5ml and 25ml kills.
Kneelers were good, 32m and 40 m across the valley and then 11m (i remembered to kneel this time) 25ml kill plus 30m.
I even took the final target (T40) kneeling as some bracken had fallen across the lane and I fell off the pallet trying the shot sitting. so add a 45m kneeler to the talley above

Upon reaching stats, after hitting all other missed targets 3 times (not in a row on the 35m stander but something like 6 ex 9) Paul said I was in 2nd place in AA, 1 behind Gary williams, who had been a lane in front of us. This somewhat cheered me up as i until today did not have silver swefta badge, so result.
What really tickled me though was that Nigel Street, on his home / practise ground had shot out of sequence. Sorry Nigel, I did it last time out at Alfs with the kneeler, you just gotta laugh it off.
Just goes to show you just cant switch off

Next up is to bolt The Polish chaps T35 on the spare Ev2 action and fit to no 1 stock for wednesday and do some propper barrel testing wednesday, must say I am eager to get the testing done and I am sure Polish guy is eager to get his cloth on the t35 lol?
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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