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Originally Posted by The Darrener View Post
Thanks to all involved at the Quarry for a great days shooting,my first ever visit but a long way to go & Thanks to Daystate for sponsoring the event.

A big thanks to my shooting buddies for the day, Stuart & Mark, good days fun.

How did you manage to book the good weather (very unusual).

See you all at Emley.
Sparky is currently busy burying the dead druids that suffered a slight accident involving a bacon slicer & lots of salt having failed miserably with the wind Thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Jannine & The Ladyboy we had a laugh even though the course beat us (It beat some of us a lot more than others) Top marks to Quarry I suspect a lot of people are very relieved the wind did'nt blow looking at some of the scores that came in

Biggest laugh was Mike Elliots Sharron Stone moment with Chilli, I think Dave Hatfield will have nightmares for weeks
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