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Default Gp 4 2013 Nelson

Good weather once again blessed the Wafta Gp, which is just as well as Nelson is not one of the grounds I look forward to going to if its wet!

Plan A was to arrive very early, 7.30 as I wanted to set out two "speed trap" cameras today to make double sure I got a photo of ME!
We arrived just after 8! Still, I went onto the Zero range and checked out todays chosen Rig.

Priest in no 2 stock, Die 50 + no 27 Luep.

All was fine on the Zero range, there was a little R - l movement that was un-detectable, invisable wind! Still, groups at 50, 40 and 20m were spot on.

I then went off to place the speed traps, one on a standing lane and one on my Start lane, lane 20 which was a kneeler.
It was notable while there was little or no wind on the zero range, Down on the course the strings were bowed on some lanes.

Kick off took place a little early, 8.55am. As such having volunteed to go first, I actually did not get a photo of myself Kneeling as the camera was not set to start until 9am. Bugger.

Todays company was Neil Long, of Bfta sec fame and a jolly nice chap too. Claims to be from wales but far to intelligent for me to believe that he is welsh lol
Andy Wilson from Rivington riflemaen was our tail end charlie.
Its always good to shoot with someone new and Andy was new to me and relativly new to ft having a Hft background, so new infact, his Brother (I think) Steve let slip that while sat in a Welsh Bar on the saturday night, Andy had predicted a 47 for himself!!!

Good kneeling lane to start, 27m and 39 m. Strong wind, gave inside edge on both. Second target was a top shot with pellet striking bang in the middle of paddle
Next lane was not so good.

Did not note range of T41 think it was under or at 40m, but put cross hair on 3 edge and landed clear of 3, infact on first dot!
T42 was 45m. Put first dot in centre and pellet struck 7 / 8 edge so just under cooked wind. Dont think I under coooked range as several reported wind pushing pellets down along the "open" banks.

T46, = 47m.
Put 1st dot in centre as that was working along the very windy bank, to bemusingly see pellet go dead straight. When I stood up you could see and feel the wind changed and now heading stright ish into the firing line. Amended for the rest of the banks.

By the next miss, T6 @ 40m there were already reports of shooters morte than 50% down after just 8 or so lanes!
I was on T6, having just nailed the longer T5 when another of the morning sessions many whistles stopped play.
When two whistles meant commence again, i was off it a bit and although gave inside 3 edge which was working along the Wooded lanes, the wind gusted and i hit 3 edge. Bloody whistle cost me on that lane!

T9 was the 40m stander. I was nce and steady on 9 edge but dropped the gun as i shot and split 6 edge. Bugger.

T14 was miss no 6 and a killer.
15 ml, angled into wind ( Dont mention that to gilly) at 20m. I decided the wind was strong enough so that i would come out on 3 edge. Must have forgot I have an Ostler Air stripper! Pellet went straight despite the bowed string!
Bad miss really.

Did manage a little run before T27. First target (black square plate) in the "Down Field" I totally mis read the position of the target, ignored the strings and switched off. Went in the middle instead of inside 9 edge. Pellet struck 3 edge.
Bad miss

We approached the End with me 7 down which I knew at that time was probably one of the top 3 scores of am session, may well have been top at that time?.

It all went wrong in the corner of doom though.
out of my last 6 targets, I misssed 4!

T33 was 47m in th field. Wind had dropped but could not make myself come in, Gave 1st dot and pellet struck 3 edge, so only moved half a kill. Inside 3 edge is where i needed to go.
T34 was the spiders web 25ml kill. 30m. Gave inside 3 edge, pellet struck low on 7/8 edge. No way should it have moved that far or gone low?
Not sure what happened there but the double dink was a killer.

Missed T36, 50m Gave first dot, pellet hardly moved hitting 3 edge!.
Same for t37? 42m. Did not see miss but put 1st dot inside 9, so cross hair was just off 9 edge. I think the lellet, despite the wind went straight.
Bloddy air stripper

So, disapointed to finish 11 down, but with only Jack hitting over 40 in am sessin, 42, my 39 was joint 2nd with Mr.D & Andys brother who was in A class!
Think my poor finish was due to being tiered and not thinking properly. Two weddings in hot conditions on the previous friday and saturday had left me knackered and the extra bit of puff needed for a 50 shot course was bit lacking.
Only thing I can fault the course and day on was the number of whistles, lots in the Am, probably 12 - 15? I know we did not get off lane 1 before the first whistle!
I also did not like the strings being tied down, Angles are ok, but for me on this course the angles did nothing to improve it as there was enough work to do on the three sections of the course, Woods, Field and top banks as it was. To me reading the targets via strigns is a big part of Ft and when you cant do it, although it may not bother some of the better shooters I am sure it costs lower classes far more misses.
We practise at tondu on re-set plates so dont have strings and I can see there the differnce it makes.

Andy had an eye opening session I think, but with enough banter I think he enjoyed his first gp. He finished on 30 and had a firm offer of 250 for his March, not bad considering!

Niel had suffered some woes on his way to 30, the funniest mof which was his glued on butt plate falling off. the swithc of gun sa
eemed to make little difference and a well done for carrying on is deserved.

There is a very interesting article in I think Airgun world this month on UK neil.
The part that intersted me was his comment on how and why his air stripper works.
Basically he says a properly fitted air stripper will not only stabalise a pellet in fight, but also helpo it to retain more energy down range.

That bit makes alot of sense to em as to why i am iving less wind with the John Ostler air stripper. If my pellets are retaining more energy, thus going faster at 40 -50 than standard, it explains how they are being effected less by the wind!

Back to the Future

i had the good fortune to pick up an old friend this week.
The Ev2 that started this thread belonged to a Tondu member. Sadly that member was convinced he knew how to build an ev2 better than AA so used to take it apart (especially after several stella lol), leave bits out and eventually the wreck was left for some time in a corner of a room before being sold as a hardly working Ev2 to another tondu member for 200!
Well that Barrel was a MEGA barrel. I used to pick it up and have a few shots and yes its where the phrase "How do you miss with an Ev2" came from. At the time I was using the Njr for ft.

Now i have always said my barrels were not as good, particually the REV 's .
so when the oppertunity arrose this week to pick up the action for a Spares price arrose, i took it.
I did a brief test Wednesday with the practise tin of die 10 i had on me at tondu.
Wind was there at 50m but the barrel on the whole was what I expected putting about 5 of 10 pellets in the smae hole and the others very close.
It did strike me that coupled with an Ostler Air stripper this could be a MEGA barrel so some more testing with my other die's next wednesday and then a desision shall be made as to if it will replace the REV barrel, once Ostler Air stripper fitted, shall be made.
The rest of the action is of little use i think, the trigger has no 1st stage and the hammer is wound right out.! 678 was first chrono reading followed by a creeping rise to around 730 fps!
Mr O might be called on to have a look at it after gp5, but I think he will just swear and throw it over next doors fence unless I am there in person lol

Have to say at the momnet it seems that for 2014 that a barrel swap may be on? May be hard to take off the barrel i came 3rd in the worlds with, but tighter groups mean more hits!

Welcome back old friend and dont worry, Derk shall never get his hands on you again, your safe now
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