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Sorry Pete, can't make it now, my rifle is in bits and I am not going to have time to set it up before Sunday

Pete Sparkes (HFT)
Derick Stone (HFT)
Pete Dutton (HFT)
Stuart Farr (HFT)
Dylan Farr (HFT)
Ross Young (HFT)
John Duggan (HFT)
Ken Pothecary (HFT)
Stuart James (HFT)
Dan McMahon (HFT)
Gareth Stone (HFT)
Richard Bainton (Cpt.Slow-HFT)
Tom Morgans (HFT)
Gerry Baillon (HFT)
Lewis Evans [HFT]
Dan Horrocks [HFT]
Andrew Burgess (HFT)
Dave Hatfield. (HFT)
Steve How (HFT)
Peter Higgins (HFT)
Anthony Higgins (HFT)
Jamie Lewis (HFT)
Neil Lewis (HFT)
Lee Rossiter (HFT)
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