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Don't want to be a "prophet of doom" but I cannot see too many people travelling to NZ for worlds.

From here, it's a LONG flight too - 28 hours - and the ticket cost is pretty high. I have to agree with Conor - given that the guys from NZ almost never attend worlds and given how far out of the way NZ is, I cannot see people flocking there in numbers. I for one will probably not make it there next year, and I know the South African guys are also struggling to come up with the money to attend each year.

The SA team is a "chosen" team. The top 8 guys at SA Nationals (held over 3 days and 3 x 50 target courses) get chosen the represent South Africa at Worlds, and it's for each person's pocket. Some of them are school kids, and their parents may or may just not have the funds to send their kids. It's not a matter of people that can afford to go, that go. If you make the team, you go (and try find the money somewhere)...?

Anyway, I wish NZ well in organising the event and hope they have enough people attending.

Germany seems to be very disorganised with 2013 Worlds - maybe too many people wanting to attend. We have had our hiccups with getting everything sorted with them....
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