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We use two types of turret marking's mainly.

Just turret numbers as in the design I've had printed and what we call idiot turrets - ones with the yards marked on them. (I use an idiot turret myself, because erm.... well I'll let you guess the reason)

The idea for this print is just to see if the finish comes out ok and the turret works as a direct replacement for the existing turret. The standard turrets on the Bushy's have flipping tiny numbers on them that aren't easy to read.

If this test works, then it's really really trivial to just produce an idiot turret, in fact as one of the 8 I've had printed I've printed myself an idiot turret with my yardages on it.

My yardages are 0 (25 yards), 35, 40, 45, 50, 53 and 55 is back to 0 again so not too crowded.
Then for the short distances I have a small printed chart that tells me that 17 yards = 35 yards, 13 yards = 47 yards etc.

I've done another design where the numbers are smaller (3mm) and there's room for two levels of numbers, but it does look a bit crowded on the design.

The main idea of this experiment is just to see if the finish on the new printer is good enough really, and for a bit of fun
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