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Originally Posted by holly View Post
As probably the finest FT shot ever , Nick Jenkinson once said . " you don't get better at anything by not doing it " and " you have to be in it to win it " remember OPEN CLASS . that way you can shoot in any position that you wish and in any order . it is a long course , probably three hours shooting and a good walk . so you might put in your pocket a bottle of water and if room a banna . you can drink the water and the pie man will rob you of your banna . remembere it can rain ? you can take water proofs with you if it threatens to rain , or wear em . good boots . fabric and gore tex are light and waterproof . a peaked base ball hat is good to , if it is really sunny . then all you need is a large car to take home all the prizes you are gonna win .??? HOLLY

PS you will recognise the Pie Man , cos he is on the large size and never stop bunnying . how large . well the welsh police use him as a road block .
Thank you, indeed, Holly. I look forward to meeting you all.
I am adequately kitted out, if not the most sartorially elegant of you FT warriors.
A water bottle - a banana - & a spare pie (in case I am mugged) will be included for the morning.

You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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