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I've had a few people asking me if I'm selling top turrets and whether I can print one for their scope so I thought I'd post an update on here about recent developments...

The place I got the first test turret printed at has bought a new machine - this machine is a Laser Sintering machine. Which basically means that it fires a laser at plastic powder and melts it to form each layer.

The plastic is even stronger than the resin printer he was using before (and that was plenty strong enough for a top turret already).

The downside of his new machine is that the finish isn't quite as good as the resin printer - it's still just as accurate but the finish is a bit like the finish on an extra strong mint. Might be alright with a bit of light sanding and some paint though.

The other news is that he's dropped his prices by quite alot!... it would now cost about 1 to print the turret instead of 8. BUT... his minimum order is now 15 + delivery + vat... so if I want to print another test turret to try out it's going to cost about 20, but for that money I can have about 15 turrets printed.

I'm not selling turrets because I don't know how good the quality is going to be or how well they're going to work and I don't want to start selling turrets to people if they turn out to be crap.

What would be really cool would be to be able to get longer replacement screws for the Bushnell turret and then design a bottoming resettable turret cap that you don't need any tools for - a bit like the turret caps on the MTC scopes range. I'd expect the cost of those turrets to come in less than about 4 each (because I'd have to print several parts that fitted together)

If there's a few people that are interested in a replacement turret for their bushnell elite 8-32 scope and don't mind sharing the cost of r&d let me know. (I'm not experimenting with other scope turrets at the moment)

So if there's say 4 people that don't mind risking 5 on the project, I can print up 4 turrets for you (you can have different numbers on the side on each of the turrets as well). But you'd be taking the risk that the 4 turrets end up being crap and you've wasted 5.
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