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Default Problem

Not quite sure where to put this , so will stick on the end of here . the LG100 i bought has been getting a little stiff to cock or shut the bolt ? not all the time , but sunday it really started to get bad . so kilty at the club took it down for me ( cheers Barry ) worked all right for a short time but went back to it's bad ways . so today i thought i would have a look ( no mechanic me ) took ages to get it apart ( and even longer to get together ) when i had it stripped down i had a look at the cocking bearing , smooth as a babys bum and the linkage looked all right . so run my eye over the mech and thought that a small allen bolt on the mech holding what looks like an actuating arm of some sort ( told you i was useless ) was standing a bit proud . gave it a twiddle and loose . hmmm , now what to do . oh well tighten it up . so i did , the little lever still moved . put it all back together and hey presto it works properly . now hopefully connor will be on to say this is the right thing to do and what the little lever does . and if not it will all go bang and fall apart soon . so if you get a cocking lever harder to open / shut , this could be the cause . good luck to putting a LG100 back together cos butt part is a real pain ??? HOLLY
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