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Originally Posted by luddite View Post
Steyr LG100 would be my second choice.
Reliable in any weather, sweet trigger, fast lock time and easy to set up for either FT or HFT.

I have owned one since March 2003 which has soldiered through every winter league since with no problems whatsoever.
I have owned 6, currently own 3, and the only work on any of them was to set the power.
I have owned Feinwerkbau P 70, Walther Dominator, Sportsmatch GC 2 and all are top notch but for ease of use nothing beats a Steyr LG 100.
The P 70 is very prone to the point of aim shifting unless the scope is mounted soley from the barrel.
The Dominator has a beautifully slick trigger and handles very well but has a significant recoil.
The GC2 is very dead to shoot and is very accurate and consistent but is let down by a heavy trigger and an obstructive loading system.
You are a lucky man, or a very hard working man to have owned such a fine selection of rifles. I have a friend up here who is willing to loan me an FWB P70 for an HFT, and I look forward to trying it. I have tried a few Steyrs in the past and they are certainly as accurate as any rifle I have shot, but I am slightly put off that make of rifle because of seeing a lot of threads discussing fettling and cleaning. I was also made aware of the ISP Airstream rifles and those look amazing. I intend to research ISP a good deal more. I have had a shot of an anschutz too, it was obviously a great rifle, but it felt a little odd in my hands. I intend to have a stock of my own design cnc'd, so perhaps the anschutz would feel more comfortable to me. Thanks for your input
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