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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Keep a watch out for farnworth , a dodgy spring gun shooter ( he claims ) you will know him by his furtive look and ripped jeans . probably try to sell you some timeshare . shop wise there is the NRA shop and Fultons . excellent . down by the pistol ranges there is a cafe so you can slake your thirst . but it a good walk around so take your time .see you there ??? HOLLY
PS signed , the good looking one .
Holly, I would, on a serious note, appreciate your wisdom and opinion.

I have watched a number of GP standard Field Target shoots on video.
I have also watched some of the World series Field Target competitions, again on video.
Having done so, I am very seriously considering contacting Lyn Calvert and asking her to remove my name from the entry list - so that the place is available to someone proficient at shooting at this level.
What is indisputably clear is that I am not.
The chances of me getting into any sort of respectable double figures, is quite slim.
I am concerned about holding up people who may have the misfortune to be assigned to shoot with me.
I have never shot a competition before. And even had I done so, I would not have participated in one which inherently exerted such pressure to perform. The potential for great embarrassment is considerable
And at that level of event, my entry would be on a par with a Dartmoor pony at the Grand National at Aintree.

In the interests of the significance of the event, and the participation of the people worthy of a place in it, I feel that it would be wise to retract my entry.

I still intent to attend. And follow the programme that I have described, with the sole revision of being a spectator, rather than a participant. I suspect that I will probably learn infinitely more by simply observing and listening, than I would if I participated.

Your comment and advice would be sincerely appreciated.

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