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Originally Posted by cozypom View Post
thanx guys , i have fitted a barley twist to my new lg110 because i could not get very good groups with the original barrel, ive tried several pellets and am now using 7.9 grain daystate li 4.52 which are very similar to the crossman premiers, the groups are better but not as i'd like..... so is it better with say 4.52 instead of a smaller 4.49 ??
Impossible question , they are all different . as an average . air arms 4.52s at 780 fps are good . we have a few steyr's at the club , some will only shoot 7.9s , some 8.4s . you just have to keep trying till you find the ONE . then get as many as you can afford ??? HOLLY
PS normally if you shoot 7.9s , after about 45/47 yards . they can take a lot more wind than a 8.4 and you will see em veer of course . wheras the 8.4s will be more curved to the target .but only way to find out is to suck it and see .
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