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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I've booked a tent pitch at Bisley, for the night of 22nd/23rd.
I'll get there on the Saturday; mid to late morning. Pitch my tent at 1 o'clock. Then I've got the rest of the day to wander around Bisley and savour the place. Find my way around. Have a look at the ranges and facilities.
That way, there'll be no rush on the Sunday morning.
I'll clear my pitch before the start, and gently drive home when it's over.
The prospect of a good weekend. Much to see. Much to learn. And I'm looking forward to meeting some of you splendid people from Shooting the Breeze.
I must remember to look out for the 'good-looking-one', with or without the pearly hat.

Keep a watch out for farnworth , a dodgy spring gun shooter ( he claims ) you will know him by his furtive look and ripped jeans . probably try to sell you some timeshare . shop wise there is the NRA shop and Fultons . excellent . down by the pistol ranges there is a cafe so you can slake your thirst . but it a good walk around so take your time .see you there ??? HOLLY
PS signed , the good looking one .
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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