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Steyr LG100 would be my second choice.
Reliable in any weather, sweet trigger, fast lock time and easy to set up for either FT or HFT.

I have owned one since March 2003 which has soldiered through every winter league since with no problems whatsoever.
I have owned 6, currently own 3, and the only work on any of them was to set the power.
I have owned Feinwerkbau P 70, Walther Dominator, Sportsmatch GC 2 and all are top notch but for ease of use nothing beats a Steyr LG 100.
The P 70 is very prone to the point of aim shifting unless the scope is mounted soley from the barrel.
The Dominator has a beautifully slick trigger and handles very well but has a significant recoil.
The GC2 is very dead to shoot and is very accurate and consistent but is let down by a heavy trigger and an obstructive loading system.
Less is more.

More or less.

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