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Originally Posted by springer34 View Post
Could you tell me more about benchrest shooting how to get into it i.e rules and so on?

We have postal competitions of which some are shot indoors and head to head competitions which are shot outdoors.

Three different classes, Sporter, Light Varmint & Heavy Varmint (mirrors the rimfire classes), rifle can be rested front and back but not on a one piece rest.

Most people shoot .177 but cards are scored with a .22 gauge. The 10 point target is 2mm across and there are 25 targets per card.

If you take out the 10 completely then it is an X, so max points are 250 & 25X (nobody has done this with an airrifle yet).

Bench rest has been very popular with the Rimfire boys for a long time but Airrifle is gaining in popularity because it poses a big challenge over 25yrds and uses cheaper ammo.

More info here and join the forum and you can have a good rummage around to see whats going on:

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