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Well, progress of sorts. The rifle came back from the fettler who had it stable. I zero'd it (which is progress in itself), it held for a week and then shifted 2 MOA down.

So looking at the rifle i noticed one of the fore-end screws was a little loose. So I tried taking them out. Zero hardly moved. Certainly not enough to be worried about considering i only quickly zeroed her when she shifted on plinking range before a comp. So I put screws back in tight and she jumped up 5" at 55. Took screws out and she went back where she was.

So it looks like a problem with my rig is the fore-end screws creating a tension in the action. I've left them out for now, she seems to cock ok without them. If she holds then i'll start thinking of a solution. My main worry is the stock not being able to take all the cocking force, but if that holds and the zero holds then i'll leave them out.
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