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Default shoot off's

Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
wow, that's a lot of shots for shoot offs at the end of 2 days shooting for those lucky enough to be in the placings

In the past people have thought,that after two day's shooting sudden death is a bit of an anti-climax.

You will have to pardon my ignorance for being out of FT for a while, but is the Euro's a sillouette comp now, like the nefta classic?
I know the rack's are associated with the classic,but the thought was that the lower placing's are only divided by a few pound's so might be more spectator freindly to watch.

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Please explain, What has shooting chickens on racks got to do with the Euros silly idea simon..two shots each and sudden death for the lesser places, If its a shoot off for 1st then 2 sitting, 2 kneeling and 2 standing until some one wins...
The euro's has nothing to do with the rack's ,just thought it might be a bit different.

I'm open to idea's ,that was the point of the thread.
My main question is about kill size,would a 25mm at 20-25 yd's be acceptable?

Thank's for the replies
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