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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
.......... but that will make it pretty awkward at the 12 to 20yard minikills in HFT. The 8 to 12 yarders do not matter too much as you can get most of the kills inside the kill.(Yes we shoot 12 yard 15mm kills in the NEFTA hunter not 13.)

The BKL's look far too high but the black mounts look lower and OK. I think that Gavin is changing scopes more than his underpants though at the moment, so they will have changed again now!

medium mounts and 30 yard zero at 9x or 10x can give you 14-33 yards dead on if you shim our scope right.I always end up with 45yard at roughly 1milldot, so the long shots are not as far out as you think.

I get all my tips from Brian !!

Gavin.......That's not bling!!..........Its a Rowan mail order body kit........... (He said! remembering that my own MPR has a rowan trigger and stripper now).
This is my first scope for this gun. And i call it bling at its not stock parts.
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