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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I am over seeing the euro's shoot off's this year and i'm hopeing it will be a worthy finish to a top weekend's shooting.
I plan to put out 4 lane's with a single target in each,the pair or trio in the shoot off, to be on the coarse at the same time.
It will be a timed shoot off,
with 1 or 2 minute's depending wether we shoot a 12 or 24 shot comp[24 each target shot twice]

sequence of shot's, lane 1 sit, 2 kneel, 3stand, 4back to sit
1kneel ,2stand, 3sit, 4kneel,
1stand ,2sit, 3kneel, 4stand

Would it be acceptable to put out 25mm kill's to 25yds, bearing in mind each target will be shot in each position?
I would appreciate some feed back on this ,as i have never been involved with a shoot off before.
Places 11 to 15 to be decided by shooting against each other at two rack's of chicken's [as many shot's as needed,first to knock all 5 down goes through.
Please explain, What has shooting chickens on racks got to do with the Euros silly idea simon..two shots each and sudden death for the lesser places, If its a shoot off for 1st then 2 sitting, 2 kneeling and 2 standing until some one wins...
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