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Its free entry but there will be some charges on certain events to help with running costs as there are a lot of volunteers. Its on Sunday 4th August 2013 at Welsh Covert Clay Ground, Newton Regis, Nr Tamworth, B79 0NAThere will be a £12 fee to do the 50 Bird Sporting Fibre Wad - shotgun licence holders only every entry chance to win a Hatsan Shotgun. Prizes for Best Male, Best Female & Best under 16.

Shotgun HAVE A GO charge per event for non shotgun holders to help with running costs cost of clays and cartridges

We have more to confirm and will update as we know.

Airgun manufacturers exhibiting will be
Air Arms
BSA Guns
FX Airguns
Gamo Airguns
Hatsan Airguns
Webley Airguns
Armex/Umarex Walther LGV

Air Arms will have a speed shot setup with prizes on the day. They will be bringing the new FTP900 Field Target airgun. Also the 30th Anniversary S510 will be on show for everyone to see. (Orders will be welcome via Solware)

Brocock will be bringing the Contour/Concept airguns and also showing the new Brocock range of airgun pellets made by Crosman. (You will be able to buy on the day please confirm prior)

BSA Guns will have a airgun setup with R10 formats, Scorpion, Ultra SE on demo. Gamo airguns will also be available. (You will be able to buy on the day. Just confirm prior to event)

Daystate will be bringing various models inc recently launched Regal Huntsman. Also Daystate will have a "Surprise" air rifle being unveiled on the day!!!!!! (Orders can be taken please confirm prior)

Weihrauch airguns will be available to shoot inc famous HW97/HW98 and HW100's. HW45 pistols (please confirm prior to event as you will be able to purchase on the day)

FX Airguns will be available to be tested on the day inc the new Biathlon/Field Target and Verminator MK2. (You can buy on the day please confirm prior to event)

Walther LGV all formats will be available to test via Umarex Boys Club. You will be able to demo the guns on the day. You can buy on the day please confirm prior to event.

Edgar Brothers will have a selection of Hatsan airguns to shoot. You can purchase at the event please contact prior.

Deben Hawke we will have a selection of Hawke scopes to be viewed on the day. You can purchase please contact us prior. Will be doing special deals!

NiteSite - will have demostrations of the nightvision product in action. You can buy on the day please contact us prior.

Camo-It will be doing demostrations of how to camo your gunstock. You will be able to buy on the day.

Air Pistols
We will have Highland Outdoors present with ASG range of air pistols. Dan Wesson/CZ75/STI/Bersa etc So if you want to purchase any on the day please let us know prior.
The Umarex Boys Club will have various Umarex pistols to shoot doing 4 different type shooting events inc Memory Shape Shoot, Western Pistol/Rifle shoot and 6yrd Target Pistol Shoot (small charge per go)
We will again have Highland Outdoors present with ASG models inc Dragonov, BSA Sten Gun and other models. We will have a airsoft zombie sniper course setup to have a go.

Bell Target Shooting - run by Walton Lions small charge per go promoting the sport of Bell Target within the UK. Have a go a great bunch of guys and gals. Voluntarily run please donate.

Edgar Brothers will have the famous popular with skirmishers Magpul range on show for general public to view.

We will have various bows for public to shoot in a dedicated area.

Again able to have a go within the archery section.

Also within the archery section

Gundog Fun Scurry Event
This is being run with various scurry events with prizes. Standard dog breeds welcome to have a go. Fun for the dogs - have a go. ALL Dogs must be kept on lead at all times around the ground and any mess cleared up! (charge per go with prizes awarded - you will need to book in and get a ticket then take down to the gundog area) By competing you are responsible for sole safety and health of your dog. We will NOT be held responsible for any injuries encountered doing so at your own risk.

Owl Expeirence - Birds of Prey
You will have the opportunity to handle owls. Small Charge to help with running costs

Ferret Rescue
We are just awaiting confirmation

Wood Carvery Traditional Stick making with Mark Savage
Learn traditional wood carving techniques making own shooting sticks. Sticks will be available on the day and orders taken.


Fibre Wad only allowed on site
HAVE A GO Stands with various manufacturers inc
Webley Scott

Hull Cartridge chance to test various cartridges inc poplar Superfast range

Fiocchi will be putting on a stand where you can try various cartridges speak to guys. Possible we may have some of sponsored shooters attending.

50 Bird Sporting Competition - Fibre Wad (Licence Holders Only) £12 entry
Prizes for the winners and every entrant in with a shot of winning a Hatsan donated by Edgar Brothers.

Black Powder - HAVE A GO STAND - charge per go

Food and Refreshments (reasonable charges for items)
Hot snack food
Hot and Cold Drinks
Ice Cream Van
Doughnut Stand
(No alcohol for sale on site I'm afraid)

Solware - Purchases
We will be able to supply on the day but would like to be told prior so we can make sure we have on site. We will accept cash and credit card. Please email first or ring the shop on 0844 357 0306

Car Parking
Will be managed by Kingsbury Army Cadets pending confirmation (Please make a donation for there support)
Will be on Grass

Toilet Facilities
Portaloos on site

Safety Staff
Will be staff within each area wearing Hi Viz vests.

Security Staff
We will have a team of security staff on site monitoring the day. We will not allow any nuisance or untoward behaviour. Its a Family Day.

Please note the event is being filmed and also pictures will be taken. So if any are used it is with Solware/Welsh Covert SG permission. If Press want to do any interviews or take pictures please check prior with person/s permission.
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