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Originally Posted by Greg5850 View Post
Yes, I did get an answer. I was told that he thigh rest was OK for Germany but not after. As I am used to it, I probably will use it, but I am finding I sometimes shoot better without it as it adds another touch point to the gun and too much pressure on it will move my POI.

Thanks for the feedback Greg. I just got a 2nd hand AZ Steyr and spent a couple minutes playing with it last night. So many adjustments it's almost confusing. I can't seem to find the right position to use the thigh rest in - maybe it's how I'm sitting, the position, my expanding waistline...not sure. If they aren't going to be allowed maybe I'll just take it off anyway. Have to get used to that curved knee rest too or I might just go with a more traditional flat hamster. I hate to take off all the cool AZ stuff but I have to figure out if a) it's legal and b) if it suits my sitting. Oh...have to figure out this offset grip thing too :-)

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