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Originally Posted by holly View Post
The kill on a normal target is 40 mil . to aim inside kill is to do just that . BUT you don't often get to do that .mostly it is outside kill . BUT how far outside kill . it takes nerve , skill and lot's and lot's of practice . you will be shooting alongside the Best FT shots in the world at the moment .??? HOLLY

PS BUT if you think aiming off on a 40 mil target is hard , wait till you try it on a 25/15 mil target .
So, errrr, no pressure then ????

My intention is to go there: enjoy the day: savour the atmosphere: meet people I am sure I will enjoy spending the day with: and do my best.
People may mock. It won't be the first time people have chuckled at my puerile attempts.
I will enjoy the day

And don't forget - I have nearly a fortnight to practice
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