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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Well, the hamster arrived this morning, from Rowan Engineering.
A well made piece of kit, at a reasonable price and on the doorstep in a matter of days. I ordered Sunday pm.

What a difference it makes.
Standing, it has slightly altered the geometry of the way I support the gun, so it is noticeably muzzle heavier.
The result, standing, is that I get onto the target much more quickly and precisely, so better groups.
And sitting has become a revelation.
On Sunday, learning to sit and shoot at Sywell was a nightmare. I couldn't get comfortable and as soon as I put the gun into my shoulder, I couldn't breath.
Today, with the hamster fitted, it is like being in another world.
The hamster sits on the point of my knee, I grip the front of my knee and the hamster with my left hand; I'm not bunched-up so I can breathe sufficiently freely to aim with care; and I can literally put pellet on pellet.
What a difference 50 makes. Very well worth it.

Now, if it's a perfectly still day on the 23rd at Bisley, with not a breath of wind, and everyone else is having a mediocre to bad day, I could win this Round 5 GP

ERRRR no Mate ??? HOLLY

PS Bisley is a ground where wind is limited , because of the dense wood . mostly it is a case of inside kill . if you can sit still and get a decent hold of the rifle . plus contain your nerves when everybody start's to look at you whilst shooting ? then my son , you are a MAN .
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "

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