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Originally Posted by strokebloke View Post
now i am seriously concerned.
do i tell the truth, or lie through my teeth ?
given that bisley will reveal all ..... I'm 5'-10" precisely.

and precision in this matter is of some importance as my height is a source of considerable amusement in my family. At least, for my family, and at my expense.

My wife is 6'-0".
My eldest son is 6'-5"
my 2nd eldest & my youngest sons are each 6'-4"
my 3rd son is 6'-2"

i am the family midget.
so whilst being unbowed by age, even with a deep breath and standing as purposefully as possible, i can never be described as a tall man. I do sometimes, when circumstances dictate, tell tall stories, but that is another matter ...

i do so hope that gilly is less than 5'-10". Even if it is only by that ". :d

if there is a height restriction at bisley, i will easily pass under it.
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