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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Ahhh, Mr Tool, Sir.
I was advised that you may be along in due course to ridicule my preposterous claims.
I beg you pardon if I have caused offence, but the only conclusion I am able to arrive at, having completely emptied a Wilkins pouchful of pellets into a target and, upon inspection there is only one 4.5mm hole, is 'pellet on pellet'.
It would be a brave man indeed who suggested that the first pellet hit the target and henceforth every other shot missed completely. Not unknown, I concede, nevertheless .........

It will be a privilege to meet you, with each of the other esteemed gents from this forum, at the Hallowed Ground.

Errrrr. When you say 'a clearance', I'm not entirely sure that I understand. I am still familiarizing myself with target-shooting parlance. What exactly does 'a clearance' mean ?????
Clearance = 50 ex 50 all those tin chickens my little sprout soufflé !

If you've emptied a full Wilkins Donkeys B0llock into the same 4.5mm hole ? That's some shooting ! At what distance may I ask ?
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