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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
well you may not have yet had the pleasure of meeting Holly, but thats the sort of Quote you will hear from him lol
Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
"Pellet on pellet" is a bold statement to make Strokebloke. You maybe opening yourself up to abuse their from certain Gentlemen roaming this site (Tool). However, I must say it is a pleasure to read your posts as they are always so well punctuated and excellent grammer used. Certainly a refreshing change.
It appears that I may be making friends, contemporaries and adversaries too.
One of the things that I do appreciate about the shooting community is the companionship, camaraderie and good-light-hearted-banter.
I confess to looking forward to Bisley, not least to meet some of you gentlemen and putting faces to names.

I have however, been pleasantly amazed at the difference adding a hamster has made to my attempts to shoot from a sitting position. On Sunday, I was quite despondent, within myself. I couldn't envisage a way forward. And my breathing problem is not going to go away.
So this morning; if you will excuse the pun, has quite literally been a breath of fresh air.

I don't normally commit to 'bold statements' Gilly. And today is no exception. You (& Tool too) will please note that I made no reference to range.
I am fairly thick skinned: and having been well trained by four sons and countless college students, I consider myself reasonably able to 'take-flack'.

There is still much practice to be put in before the 23rd.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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