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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post

For **** sake simon Work things out for your self, D
I have been trying for 140 pages Mr.F, but what my findings are and the expert advise you give me are complete opposites lol
Thanks for "keeping me on my toes," seems to have worked lol

Tondu June 2nd 2013 - John Thomas Memorial Shoot

Loads of work goes into putting a shoot on at tondu, especially the summer ones. The brambles etc shoot up so much we could do with a flame thrower at times.
Luckily Gadget had a new Japanese saw which was just as good.

With the prospect of the German Worlds being up to 70% reduces and many of those steep upwards or downwards angles, I decided we would re-do the 2010 Gp line that took shooters into the Bowl so we could have some steep shots up to the quarry wall.

Top ponds was the start, a couple of new target positions there I think were spot on, T8 up the bank was my personal fav. In the comp, shooting with Big Mike which was a rare pleasure, I gave it edge of kill but only just made it inside 9 for the hit. I think Mike aimed the same place but split 9.
Not a huge amount of Wind at tondu, infact by my standards it was a no wind day. There was wind however, but it was fickle, mostly R - l over the ponds.
I know Jack said he missed T8, he gave it half inch out of 3 and it missed 9. He needs an Ostler Air stripper!
The banks that we have been using as practice course we changed by moving the line in by about 5 yards, thus making the shots a bit steeper
Longest target on the course was a soupspoon under 55y. Gadget has a new digital rangefinder Gadget for measuring things which is amazing to use and accurate, but for 450 it should be This long target was the most missed too. As its placement meant it had the wind coming over your shoulder I wonder how many gave it wind. I went inside 3 and hit middle of paddle. Saying that I wonder how many went down the middle and hit 9?
The bowl I thaught would only have two really steep targets, T 27 = T28, the yellow reducer rat (34y) and Full kill "owl" (35 y).
I hit the rat, well pleased, so pleased I forgot to aim bottom of kill on the owl and only just caught the top of the paddle off 1 o'clock.
T 29, the black rat seemed even steeper (25y) but I remembered to give bottom edge. Good practice in the bowl though I hope for the Worlds
I certainly rode my luck today. t10, the Boar at top ponds. Mike had shot it but missed, My pellet I watched go into the paddle and the target fell. I knew I was low so pulled up to check hit position? Bone! My pellet had dropped so low it had hit under the paddle but still taken the target over, the Kill was as clean to look at as before I shot!
T36 the longer (36y) stander was also a lucky shot. It was more clay pigeon for me as I was moving at some knots through the target when I shot.

My Only misses were T12 & 13.
T12 was the Hedgehog up the bank, T 13 the bird target also up the bank. The new off set Gemini has made it so steady on sitters, I am taking too long to get the shot off. Both targets, I was bang on where I wanted to be and admiring how still I was in the angled position of the new lane. By the time I decided to shoot I ran out of puff and wobbled on both. Both bad shots.
Practice plates are up on the stands ready for Wednesday re-attempt to hit session.

Still, one of my personal goals in ft has now been achieved. Getting my Name on the John Thomas memorial trophy.

John was not everyone's cup of tea, he did things his way = the correct way or not at all. Not afraid to speak out when he thaught other shoots were not up to standard and picked and choose therefore where he shot.
Sounds familiar?
A great inspiration to me on my return in 2006 to ft, as indeed he was when I started in 1989. John was always the man to beat at Tondu and I hope he would be happy at the way the club has progressed with facilities and members over the last few years.

Priest + no 2 stock, no 27 Luep and Die 39/11 were todays outstanding rig!

We will hold some more pre worlds practice sessions over the next few weeks. Target will be placed back up the bowl, so more seep upwards practise shooting, sitting, laying, standing and kneeling.

Then we can switch round, put the targets in the bowl and walk up the bank and shoot downwards at steep angles.
Arms Dealer and I did that pre Italy.

All welcome to attend those dates, perhaps starting next wednesday if weather holds?
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