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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
At some stage this sport / pastime may have to represent itself to government or the press. It could be when the anti-shooting anti-gun lobby tries to have us all shooting pink peashooters with plastic pellets on the grounds that real guns kill etc. But at that time it would be really, really useful for somebody to be able to say, with authority: "HFT as a sport has grown from [this] to [that] in the past N years. There are X adults and children shooting, who are learning safe gun use, and it is a sport popular with women and children, with family membership making up Y% of clubs."
The various shooters insurance companies, the shooting magazines, the manufacturers, the RFDs and BASC can only guess. As far as I can see, UKAHFT has the best chance of answering that question, but "dunno for sure" isn't going to be of much use.
It's difficult to state exact participation numbers in both HFT & FT as you have people shooting club courses for either plinking or practice then you have open comp, club comps, regional comps & national comps plus of course you have comps that are run to variations of both sets of National rules (UKAHFT & BFTA)

Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
Would it be a major problem to require all clubs affiliated to UKAHFT to make an annual return regarding numbers?
As mentioned above what criteria would you use to say they have shot HFT plus there are probably more clubs who either use our rules but don't affiliate or run HFT shoots to their own rules.

Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
Of course the risk is that UKAHFT might indeed become an "official body" for the sport, rather than an organiser of events and arbiter of rules. And please understand I don't for a moment mean to trivialise anything that the current organisers do or have done.
We are the "official" body in the UK, the majority of HFT clubs in the UK use our rules or slight variations, there are also more that a dozen countries using those same rules. Not really sure we are the arbiter as such as although the UKAHFT organisers create the rules we don't force anyone to use these rules so don't have any ultimate authority & where the national shoots are concerned the Chief Marshals have more authority whilst shooting is taking place. The main job for the organisers are to maintain a set of rules which allow shooters to compete on as level a playing field as possible & run a national series of events.

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